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How Do We Select the “Featured Project” on

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Featured Project

Highlighting Your Featured Project

Selected from Project Profiles within the Projects Database, our “Featured Project” series is showcased every other week, except during certain holidays and special events such as our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits.

The Featured Project is highly popular among our readers and receives a tremendous amount of media coverage and social media attention.

We maintain an editorial calendar of awesome projects in queue and those we’re considering.  Informative and fun, in effect it’s also a great way of promoting yourself via projects you’ve designed or worked on, or products you’ve supplied!

As our international readership and advertiser base continues to grow, here are updated guidelines for you to follow if you’d like to have one of your case studies highlighted as the Featured Project.

You can always find the latest 12 Featured Projects on our Projects page:

Featured Project

What is the Featured Project?

Based on its Project Profile, the Featured Project exclusive consists of 3-parts: eBlast, Article, and Video.

How Does It Work?

The Featured Project eBlast goes out to our approximate 10,000 opt-in Newsletter subscribers.  It is meant to give everyone just a bit of info – tantalizing enough so people click on any of the three links to find out more.  Clicking on the:

  1. Photo takes you to the Project Profile;
  2. LEARN MORE button takes you to the Article;
  3. WATCH THE VIDEO button takes you to the Featured Project Video from on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube.

Featured Project

The Featured Project Article leads with the exclusive Video created specifically for the Featured Project; gives you some of my personal reflections on the Featured Project; incorporates an excerpt from the Project Profile; and includes a few of the photos and graphics from its Project Profile.  Multiple links encourage you to visit “the Project Profile to view ALL of the Photos and Additional Information about this particular project in the Projects Database.”

Importantly, the Featured Project Article gets Google/Bing/Apple News distribution as a News Article.

The Featured Project Video is created by curating the most relevant, exciting, and important details from the Project Profile, resulting in a current length of about 3 to 3.5 minutes.  We post it on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  We encourage stakeholders to send us video and drone coverage, if possible.  And we also use high resolution images from a variety of professionals and resources, who are duly credited.

The Article and Video are then referenced with links on the individual Project Profile.

NOTE: Each Project Profile in the Projects Database is a unique searchable page, indexed by all of the search engines.  Meant as the ultimate living repository of project information, the Project Profile is designed as a living research document and can be updated at any time.

What’s the Featured Project Distribution?

The Video is uploaded to the YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

For the duration of the Featured Project on

  1. An image is selected from the Project Profile and uploaded to all our social media sites as wallpaper;
  2. A post is created and pinned to the top on all our social media sites, currently as of today: 9,403 Twitter Followers, 5,272 Facebook Followers, 1,700 LinkedIn Followers, 1,230 Instagram Followers, 391.1k monthly viewers on Pinterest;
  3. It’s selected as the Featured Video on the GreenroofsTV Channel on YouTube with 2,510 subscribers and other visitors;
  4. It’s selected as the Featured Video on our Facebook page.

In addition, Featured Projects are highlighted once again in our Monthly Newsletter.

How Do We Consider Featured Projects?

We search our current Projects Database to identify possible Project Profiles which have a great amount of detailed information plus lots of beautiful hi-res photos.  We then contact professionals and product manufacturers/suppliers to share additional photos, video, and info so that we may offer a well-rounded representation of the project – a snapshot in time.

We also try to highlight the people and companies who support our work more by selecting our advertisers about 4:1 over non-advertisers.  But everyone is welcome!

How Do We Select the Featured Project?

We make every attempt to feature a variety of different types and applications of greenroofs and greenwalls from across the world.  Our criteria includes:

  1. The project needs to be visually interesting, appealing, or important in some way!  Aesthetics are taken into consideration as this is living architecture.  Remember the living part – the actual plants of the greenroof or wall – and showcase the best features.  People want details!
  2. We try and vary between greenroofs and greenwalls – but since we have so many more living roof projects, the ratio of greenroofs to greenwalls is much greater.
  3. We also try to vary: the location in the world, size, type of project (extensive, intensive, living wall, green facade, etc.), building program (commercial, educational, urban ag, research, municipal, multi/single-family residential, etc.), system (built-in place, modular, custom or living wall vs. green facade, etc.), designers, manufacturers, providers, etc., plus drivers and more.

Believe it or not, sometimes it just boils down to having a 100% completed Project Profile.  The point is to continue to create a free global resource for greenroof and greenwall projects worldwide – and spotlight one really awesome project about every other week.

What Do We Need? 

  1. First of all, we have to have a Project Profile in the Projects Database!  If we don’t have one, we may not know about your project or have had enough time to create a profile ourselves yet.  Visit Submit a Project for specifics.
  2. The Project Profile needs to be complete, with LOTS of details and information – the more, the better!  Try not to leave out anyone’s participation.
  3. Send us video clips if available, and we need a minimum of 18-25+ hi-res photos of different angles, including close-ups and at least one building shot (unless it’s private and you just don’t want it shown).  Regarding photos: you MUST have permission to use them – do NOT send us copyrighted material unless you have permission from the photographer/owner in writing.  There are many “photo trolls” out there – lawyers pouncing on people because they thought they had permission or inadvertently “borrowed” photos off the web without explicit permission; cannot be held liable for unapproved photo usage.  Please include credits, too.

Some Featured Project Fun Facts:

  • Most viewed Featured Project Video in 2019:
    Boston Medical Center Rooftop Farm by Recover Green Roofs, Released on 3/4/19, 3:23 duration: YouTube – 2,942 views, Facebook – 2,065 views, LinkedIn – 199 views, for a Grand Total= 5,206 views.  See it below:

  • Most viewed Featured Project Video in 2018:
    Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy by Stefano Boeri Architetti, Released on 1/15/18, 3:48 duration: YouTube – 38,702 views, Facebook – 628 views, LinkedIn – 433 views (plus the July 22, 2019 Replay currently with 1,026 views) for a Grand Total= 40,789 views.  See the 2018 version below:

  • Featured Project Inauguration:
    Our Featured Project (previously the Project of the Week feature) started in March, 2006 when we selected the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center (PEEC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota – now Greenway Office Building – Project Profile, submitted by Peter MacDonagh of The Kestrel Design Group.
Featured Project

Image: Kestrel Design Group.

  • First Featured Greenwall Project:
    In 2008 we displayed our first Greenwall Project of the Week, Anthropologie in Huntsville, Alabama, submitted by George Irwin of Green Living Technologies.

Featured Project

  • First Featured Project with Video:
    We soon realized people loved videos and decided to include them in the Featured Project series.  On February 24, 2014 our first Featured Project with Video was the wonderful Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore, which we have replayed since then.  Watch it below:

  • Featured Project Videos which have video clips in addition to photos receive many more views.
  • The Featured Project Video duration range = 1:54 – 4:05 minutes. Projects Database Background

Our Projects Database has been up and open to the world since 2004, evolving from the “International and North American Case Studies” portion of my initial 1999 independent University of Georgia research study “Greenroof Technology: A Viable Roofing Alternative” that was the basis for  The initial 30 or so Project Profiles have grown to about 1,764 and counting, and we have always believed that sharing these with transparency is an important learning experience.

In September 2018 we launched the newly redesigned Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture incorporating a new Projects Database format, too.  Our goal is to continue growing, updating, and making it easier to navigate.  Your feedback is always welcome!

Showcase Your Project

We appreciate everyone’s time and commitment to making the Projects Database as complete, and open and accessible as possible.  Search the Projects Database for yourself and why not include your own projects?

The Featured Project on is a great way to have readers – design professionals, media, stakeholders, government, researchers, students, and potential clients – see what’s been done, where, how, and by whom.  Submit a Project so we may consider yours, too, as an upcoming Featured Project – why not showcase one of your own projects?

If we have missed your contribution on any Project Profile or if you have any questions about any Featured Project, just email us at or call 888.477.1326 or 770.772.7334.

Happy greening!

By Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher & Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits Host

Watch #VirtualSummit2019 Speaker Videos and EXPO and Speaker Q&A Videos on demand through 2020 with FREE Registration!

Featured Project



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