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Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre is located at 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, Toronto, ON M9C 1B8, Canada; 416.621.1070;

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Watch the 2:58 Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre Expansion – Project of the Week 11/16/15 video from on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube. Project of the Week video photo credits: All courtesy of Xeroflor Canada (now Next Level Stormwater Management).

See the Aerial Drone Video of Xeroflor Green Roofs – the Sherway segment starts at approx 00:43 and runs for about 30 seconds.


September 23, 2015 Sherway Gardens Northwest Expansion Opens by Craig White in Urban; November 11, 2014 Greening the Grey with GTA’s Largest Green Roof of its Kind Press Release from Xeroflor Canada.

Sherway Gardens (officially CF Sherway Gardens) is a large retail shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which opened in 1971; Torontonians are most familiar with Sherway’s distinctive white-canopied roof, visible from the junction of the Gardiner, QEW, and Highway 427. Having undergone several renovations, Phase 1 of its latest expansion project just opened in September, 2015.

Part of a $550 million Canadian dollar project with DIALOG as the Project Architect for the expansion of Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre, the 210,000 square foot addition added 50 new stores to the mall including Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue as new anchor stores; a new second level food court that can seat more than 1,000; greatly expanded multi-level parking for 1,200 more vehicles; and more: a green roof on the new north wing which is the largest living roof on a free-standing commercial structure in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). New stores and restaurants will be opening in the Spring of 2016.

The green roof was designed as part of the Stormwater Management Program for the Sherway Gardens Expansion and underground storage cisterns in the parking field were initially required to control stormwater quantity as an additional element. The green roof is visible from the condominium towers at Sherway Gardens Road, and this not only improves the views of the roof of the building to the neighbours in the surrounding community, but the size and storage volume capacity of the green roof offered an opportunity for the required underground cisterns to be reduced in size from the original requirement. (DIALOG).

As a result of the new green roof on the LEED certified Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre’s expansion project, the Toronto urban landscape is getting greener by the day – from a bird’s eye view. The 9,500 m2 (102,000 sf) patented Xeroflor vegetated roof puts Sherway on the cutting edge environmentally and makes it a living example of “being green.”

“We chose the XF301 green roof system as part of the Sherway Gardens expansion because of the key benefits it offers,” said Andy Traynor, General Manager at Sherway Gardens. “Our new 102,000 square foot green roof will help slow stormwater runoff from the roof, benefiting both the city and the environment. The green roof also played a role in ensuring that our expansion was LEED certified.”

The XF301 Sedum Standard is one of the lightest green roof systems available with a high “water retention-to-weight ratio.” The XF301 Sedum Standard system comprises a root barrier, a drainage mat, two layers of recycled polymeric water retention fleeces and a pre-cultivated sedum mat on a conventional roofing assembly (see 3D below). At a total profile of 65 mm (2.6”), the system weighs 59 kg/m2 (12 lbs/sf) at saturation and retains 1.4″ of rainfall with a maximum water storage of 36 l/m2. Optional stone mulch was added to the green roof adding to this weight and helping to further protect the plants and promote their growth. The Sherway Gardens’ green roof is not irrigated.

According to industry studies, green roofs have been consistently experiencing double-digit growth over the past decade. Many municipalities in North America are recognizing green roofs as part of their stormwater management strategy and are encouraging their implementation through dedicated policies, bylaws and incentive programs.

One impetus for Toronto becoming greener is the successful partnership between the City and building owners. In addition to the city’s Green Roof Bylaw, the Eco Roof Incentive Program offers grants to install a green roof. To qualify, among the things often required, is an engineering report to ensure the building can sustain the additional weight and that the green roof meets construction requirements, specifically, wind uplift. With wind uplift and fire resistance testing and certificates, Xeroflor has the stamp of approval of engineers and municipal officials alike — and has helped green more than 270,000 square feet (25,000 m2) of rooftops across Canada annually for the past couple of years (as of 2015).

Xeroflor’s pre-vegetated mat system is also the only green roof to be Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified for environmental sustainability. Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre’s record-setting roof played a starring role in iChannel’s TV show, Made to Renovate.

Cadillac Fairview, Sherway Gardens comments, “We are immensely proud of our Sherway Gardens green roof, an exciting extension of Cadillac Fairview’s “Green at Work” program. In fact, this new green roof is the largest green roof on a commercial structure in the GTA. Sustainability is a key principal that drives our success and innovation, and with this new addition to the North Expansion we continue to deliver an environmentally friendly experience for our customers.

“The 9,500 square metre green roof could absorb approximately 340,000 litres of rainfall (from bone dry to saturation).” Fun fact: Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre can absorb the equivalent of 2,500 bathtubs of water (Dr. Karen Liu, Xeroflor Canada, now Next Level Stormwater Management, 2015).


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