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Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leading single-ply roofing manufacturer, offers a diverse line of traditional and modular Roof Garden systems, as well as a wide variety of vegetation options to fit each project’s individual requirements and design aesthetics.

Carlisle’s technical experts can assist with design and product selection to ensure that the installed system will perform to its optimal capacity. Carlisle’s industry-leading, single-source warranties protect the Roof Garden components as well as the underlying roofing system. Vegetation warranties, as well as warranties that cover overburden removal, are also available.

Carlisle’s Roof Gardens provide the following benefits:

  • Improved stormwater management
    • Filter and reduce stormwater, helping to minimize the stress placed on sewer systems and prevent flooding.
  • Enhanced amenity space
    • Add aesthetically appealing real estate to your building, giving your tenants much-needed green space.
  • Reduced urban heat island effect
    • Reduce the urban heat island effect as the sunlight is absorbed into the vegetation and used for growth instead of being converted into heat energy.
  • Extended roof lifecycle
    • Protect your rooftop membrane and substrate from weathering, extending the service life of your roof system.
  • Increased air and water purification
    • Capture airborne pollutants and atmospheric deposition while also fi ltering noxious gases.
  • Habitat for wildlife
    • Provide extra wildlife environments for the bee population and migrating birds, especially in towns and cities where natural habitats are so scarce.

Download Roof Garden Brochure.