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See this case study from ZinCo on their website. Read about ZinCo here, and view more ZinCo projects here. Visit the ZinCo website here for more information on their products.

Conception: In order to provide the log cabin, which has been built from selected fir trunks with safe and permanent green roof vegetation, a system build-up with the ZinCo Georaster was chosen to retain the 25? slope. These elements laid in grid form reinforce the substrate layer and prevent erosion. The substrate depth of 100 mm in conjunction with a thick water retention mat ensures sufficient water storage; as such, undemanding Sedum species, and other hardy plants such as Dianthus species, grasses, and herbs, can be used.

Special Features: As you can see in the picture on the right, the thermal insulation on the roof area was laid only above the heated living space. This area, which is bordered with wooden planks, lies ca. 200 mm higher than the other roof areas above the roof eaves. By filling and grading with system substrate ?Rockery Type Plants?, the height difference was concealed.ZinCo System Build-Up, see diagram below:System Substrate ‘Rockery Type Plants’;Georaster Elements;Moisture Retention Mat WSM 150;Roof construction with thermal insulation and rootproof waterproofing;Elastodrain strips, ca. 50 mm.


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