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ZinCo GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Straße 2
Nürtingen, 72622 Germany
Phone +49-7022-6003-0
Fax +49-7022-6003-300


Since our foundation in 1957 the main theme of ZinCo has been the integral use of the roof. Our prime aim is the creation of harmony between nature and living space. We successfully take advantage of various opportunities and applications in the Green Roof market.

When it comes to the integral use of roof areas, ZinCo has been a market leader in the field of green roofs for 30 years. ZinCo has an international presence with offices and associates in 22 countries; contact us about our business partners abroad.

With ZinCo, architects have nearly the same planning possibilities on roof tops as on land - thanks to its well proven system technology on millions of square metres. The system technology offers unlimited options for roof creations: extensive green roofs as ecological protection coating on flat and sloping roofs (below left), fantastic gardens (right), and parks on the roof, driveways - e.g. on roofs of underground car parks.

Competence and experience are required to establish this glorious ecological aesthetic on the roof - apparent in the various ZinCo system build-ups available depending on project requirements and functional needs and desires.


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