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Read all about the award-winning project on the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities website. Learn more about Building Logics in The Greenroof Directory. Read about Rooflite in The Greenroof Directory, and for product information, please visit;; and

The Yorktown Square Condominiums won the 2005 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence in the Extensive Residential (Single family and/or multiunit). This multi-family residential loft/warehouse condominium greenroof was planted in June, 2003.

The green roof growing media used for this project was supplied by Skyland USA, LLC, the creators of rooflite?. Rooflite? is the first and only standardized green roof growing media in North America being sold under an independent brand name. Rooflite? green roof media products meet or exceed all of the current standards of both the ASTM and FLL. The components of rooflite? are guaranteed to be of the highest quality while at the same time being price competitive. Additionally, the current line of rooflite? green roof media products contain HydRocks? calcined clay, which is recognized as the best light weight aggregate on the market today. Lastly, the organic components of all rooflite? green roof products have been tested under the United States Composting Council?s, Soil Testing Assurance (STA) program which gives you the added assurance that you are using the best product available.


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