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Additional Resources

For project info, learn about Motherplants here, and Green Living Technologies here. For more information on this project, contact the following: Wild Project Theater –; Gita Nandan –; Joshua Lutz Photography –

Wild project ? An existing 1 story car-garage was reconfigured to create an 89 seat ADA friendly performance space/gallery by green architecture company Thread Collective. The design retained the character of a manufacturing space, exposing wood roof joists, existing CMU and brick walls, and skylights. Environmentally friendly elements were incorporated within the functions of the theater; bamboo clad seat platforms, natural daylight, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, water efficient fixtures, and a well insulated new roof system. The roofscape, typical of the forgotten landscape that sits above New York, was re-designed with a sustainable certified wood deck and green roof installed by Alive Structures, creating a serene gathering place.

The green roof was installed by Alive Structures, a New York based green roof and green wall installation company in September, 2007. The modular green roof panels are manufactured by Green Living Technologies. The soil medium is 4″ thick, consisting of expanded shale and organic compost and made by Long Island Compost. The vegetation is a wide variety of sedum, provided by Motherplants, including Sedum reflexum, Delosperma Cooperi, Sedum acre, and many others. Native plants have been added since the installation by Alive Structures in order to test which natives can survive in 4″ of soil. So far Aquilegia canadensis – Wild Columbine, Dicentra electra – Bleeding Heart, Osmunda regalis – Royal Fern, Carex glauca – Blue Sedge, and Carex appalachica – Appalachian Sedge.


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