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WFYI Indianapolis is located at 1630 North Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202; 317.636.2020; visit their website. Read the following: November 27, 2013 April 17, 2013 Green Roofs in Indianapolis by Allyson Pumphrey in Sustainable Catalyst Partners;WFYI Public Media’s Headquarters to House Indy’s Fourth-Largest Green Roof WFYI Indianapolis Press Release; and the April 15, 2013 WFYI’s Roof Goes Green by Shelby Quinn Walton in Indiana Living Green. See more photos at Omni Ecosystems’s WFYI Green Roof 2013 page on Facebook.

WFYI plays a crucial role in the central Indiana community as Indiana’s flagship PBS and NPR member television and radio station. “Through our informative on-air, online, and community-based resources, WFYI provides a forum for open dialogue about issues that are important to our community. We encourage conversations that promote diverse perspectives.

“Our award-winning and locally produced documentaries and public affairs programs address a variety of relevant topics; including the high school dropout crisis, opportunities for lifelong enrichment, early childhood education, healthcare, workforce development, the arts, and environmental affairs. Additionally, WFYI proudly bolsters community development by hosting and supporting community events throughout the year, including our signature events; PBS KIDS in the Park and the Ice Miller Indy Wine Fest,” (WFYI website).

In the spring of 2013, WFYI installed one of Indianapolis’ largest green roofs at its headquarters. WFYI’s green roof is the fourth-largest in the Indianapolis area and has had a positive effect on both the building itself and the surrounding urban neighborhood.

“This project marks the culmination of a plan our organization conceived more than five years ago,” said Alan Cloe, WFYI’s Executive Vice President of Content and a member of Near North Development Corporation’s Board of Directors in 2013. “When WFYI’s television studios were constructed in 2008, as a cost-saving addition to our existing facility, the new wing was designed to one day house a green roof. This spring, we’re finally able to move forward, thanks in part to a grant from Lilly Endowment, which is helping us strengthen in a number of ways our capacity as Central Indiana’s storyteller.”

Before the green roof was installed, the audio equipment in the recording studio was picking up the sound of rain hitting the roof. Now that the roof is in place, the sound of rain is not audible in the studio and storms have not stopped production. Due to the ultra-lightweight of the Omni Ecosystems Infinity Growing Media™, 5”-deep growing media could be added to the roof without compromising the structure of the building.

Further advantage for sound insulation came from the tall plant canopy provided from Omni Ecosystems Meadow & Butterfly Mix systems; the system weight is 24 pounds per square foot. Plants as tall as 4’ above the growing media surface create many layers in the plant canopy further dissipating noise transmission. These wildflower meadow plants include Echinacea, Catmint (Walker’s Low), Daylily, Aster, Sedum Autumn Joy, Buckwheat, dill, cosmos and more. Vegetables on top of the building include radishes and carrots.

Additionally, the green roof has helped reduce the urban heat island effect, mitigate storm water runoff, improve air quality and decrease noise pollution. The third and fourth floor offices of the building overlook the green roof, transforming the view looking from many desks from that of a black-top roof to a lush, verdant meadow.


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