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See the project profile from Omni Ecosystems.

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is an accredited two-year campus, which specializes in professional and occupational degrees, in addition to two-year liberal arts studies programs. In September 2012, Omni Ecosystems teamed up with faculty members and students of the Department of Biological Sciences to construct a green roof. Students of the university played an active role in the installation process, as the goal of the project was not only to provide a green roof for its environmental benefits, but also to engage the students of the Biological Sciences Department in an active, hands-on learning experience.

A 550-square-foot green roof was constructed on the second-story roof of the Communication Arts Center. A wide variety of sedum plants and grasses were used in the 3-inch-deep Omni Ecosystem tray system, including Sedum reflexum, Sedum spurium, Sedum floriferum and others. The University envisions the entire 5,500-square-foot roof as a green roof with multiple ecosystems including an area for rooftop farming.


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