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Testa Produce is located at 555 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago, IL 60609; 312.226.3237. See the case study from Roofmeadow. Visit the Testa Warehouse Green Features page. Read the March 2, 2012 Chicago Produce Firm Runs Earth-Friendy Operation by Hosea Sanders at WLS-TV Chicago (ABC7) and the September 14, 2011 Local Wholesale Produce Distributor Aims to Reinvent LEED Standards by Jon Sedey in Sustainable Chicago. Learn about Roofmeadow in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory.

Located in the old Union Stockyards complex on the outskirts of Chicago, this green roof was designed by Roofmeadow and installed by Roofmeadow contractor, Robert Ebl, Inc. for Testa Produce’s new corporate headquarters and distribution facility. Once a brownfield site, the building is now LEED Platinum making it the first industrial building to achieve that status. The facility also includes the first free standing wind turbine in the City of Chicago, a solar hot water system, recycled concrete, LED lighting and solar tracking skylights.

Completed on November 19, 2010, the Testa Produce green roof includes a 7,500 square foot barrel roof at the face of the building. The 4.00 inch thick profile on the barrel roof has a maximum pitch of 43 degrees. The media on the barrel roof is stabilized with a cellular confinement system. The cellular confinement web is in turn supported by the weight of the adjacent flat extensive green roof, without the aid of any fixed anchors to the building structure. This is the first time that this approach to slope stabilization has been implemented on such a large scale. The 3 inch thick 30,000 square feet flat roof was planted with Sedum plugs.


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