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Lillstreet Art Center is located at 4401 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640; 773.769.4226; Download the July 11, 2012 Lillstreet Art Center Green Roof Project PDF from Omni Ecosystems.

Lillstreet Art Center has been a staple of the Chicago arts scene for close to 40 years. Lillstreet Art Center supports artistic endeavors through an artist residency program, gallery, studio space, education, and outreach program. In 2003, Lillstreet relocated to the Ravenswood neighborhood. The former gear factory is home to over a dozen studios and classrooms, several galleries, and, as of 2012, an Omni Ecosystems green roof.

Lillstreet Arts Center has always tried to foster a deep sense of community where artists can “unleash their creativity.” The 400-square-foot rooftop garden is meant to further that effort and be shared by staff, students, and artists.

The garden features a 3-inch-deep Omni Ecosystems tray system. Using curved aluminum edging, a swooping gravel pathway leads guests through the garden. A wide variety of plants were seeded and planted in the garden, including petunias, aster, nepeta, and cosmos. In addition to the aesthetics created from the garden, okra and kale were also harvested in the 2012 season.

Completed on July 7, 2012, the garden is 400-square-feet and the Omni Ecosystems modular system weight is 15 pounds per square foot.


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