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See the project profile from Pasaijismo Urbano. For additional information about this project contact Pablo Atuesta of Groncol at: or +57-1-703 0955.

The Empresas Públicas Medellín (EPM) is a smart building with varied greenwalls at the entrance level and 11th floors. The driver behind greening the facades of the EPM Hall was to provide a beautiful entrance to one of Medellin’s most important structures. Its design objective was to give the building a fresh touch of nature and to bind the company’s mission and with its sustainability goals.

The project commenced in February, 2015 and was completed the following month in March, 2015. EPM Hall contains a total of 8 vertical living walls; each has a surface area of 57.5 square meters for a total of 460 m2. There are 4 greenwalls each on both the west and east wings. Over 12,000 plants of 19 different species were used.

Two greenwalls with a north-south orientation are located on the 11 floor greenroof of the EPM. Totaling 61 square meters, they are subjected to strong winds in the afternoon. Planted to be complementary to the vegetated roof and the building’s finishing touch, 2,000 plants of 25 different species were used, of which at least 60% were native species.


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