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Additional Resources

Visit the homepage of Greenroof Research at the Department of Agricultural engineering, SLU here. Download Dr. Tobias Emilsson and Kaj Rolf’s 2005 publication “Comparison of establishment methods for extensive green roofs in southern Sweden” describing their initial investigations at Augustenborg here. Contact Tobias Emilsson at: [email protected] Read Linda Velazquez’s August 2003 Sky Gardens column about Malm? and Sweden here.For more information contact Louise Lundberg, the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute superintendent at: [email protected] or visit the SGRI website.

The Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden (Augustenborgs Botaniska Taktr?dg?rd) in Malm?, Sweden is the world’s first botanical roof garden and located atop the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute. Situated within a residential neighborhood atop 9,500 m2 of industrial buildings, the extensive roof garden is designed as both a demonstration garden and a research garden, testing various plants, engineered soils, and water runoff. The research is ongoing and test gardens reflect different greenroof systems as well as different designers.

The Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) Greenroof Research is focusing on factors that can influence the performance and establishment of a green roof in Sweden. They are currently testing the impact of different substrates, different establishment methods, species mixtures, drainage materials and slopes on an extensive roof vegetation. Other researchers from Lund University are working on the impact off green roofs on biodiversity and stormwater management.


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