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The Jordan N. Carlos Middle School Campus, located at the Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia consists of three LEED-certified buildings and 2.3 acres of outdoor open space. The buildings include an 80,000 square foot Classroom Building, a 14,325 square foot Dining Hall and Lounge Building and a 7,650 square foot Art Building. The buildings are outfitted with the latest green building technologies and educational tools. All three buildings make extensive use of natural daylighting, low-emitting materials and geothermal heating and cooling.

The Adair Dickerson, Jr. Art Building is the first building on campus with an extensive green roof, which is visible from the third floor science labs across the courtyard in the Classroom Building. The site reclaims 2.3 acres of previously developed land for use as outdoor learning, recreation and landscape space. Active courtyards, intimate gardens and outdoor classrooms are arranged among native landscaping. Stormwater is directed from the site and the buildings into ten raingardens located throughout the Middle School Campus, which are planted with water-tolerant natives. Other sustainable technologies used throughout the site include drip irrigation and light-colored concrete with recycled content. The Jordan N. Carlos Middle School Campus is a safe, healthy, interactive and inspiring learning environment.


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