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Downtown Neighbors Alliance Works to Increase Green Roofs in Pittsburgh

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Photo: Courtesy Allegheny County

One organization wants to make Downtown a little greener — on the rooftops, at least.

The Downtown Neighbors Alliance is working with Point Park University and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to add some greenery — as well as some environmental benefits — to some of its Golden Triangle properties.

John Valentine, the alliance’s executive director, said he reached out to Point Park and the Cultural Trust to get the initiative rolling because they are among the largest property owners Downtown. “Our organization is going to be the lead in the green economy in Downtown Pittsburgh,” he vowed. The drive to add more green roofs is one of several initiatives the alliance is planning this year.

Mr. Valentine cited the green roof on the County Office Building at the corner of Ross Street and Forbes Avenue as one example of the kind of impact such a venture could have. According to the county, the roof, installed in 2010, has helped to slash the building’s energy costs by about $80,000 a year.

It also has extended the life of the roof, trimmed maintenance costs, improved air quality, decreased heating and cooling costs by 10% to 20%, and reduced the “urban heat island” effect by significantly reducing the level of heat in the concrete areas.

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