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The Next Big Thing in Technology is a Really Old Thing: The Living Plant!

on October 25, 2018 at 10:05 am under , ,

Green Plants for Green Buildings gets their point across with perfect writing and comedic timing. Cleverly designed, the build up is awesome, and the video is so tongue-in-cheek it should win a Clio Award, even for a made-up product.
Linda S. Velazquez,
Founder/Publisher of

Check out this great video from the nonprofit Green Plants for Green Buildings, an organization with the purpose of communicating the aesthetic, well-being, and economic benefits of nature in the built environment.

It’s a humorous spoof on tech product launches in a TED Talk-like setting. But here in the “TIMTALKS2025” the speaker, Ira Greenwall, launches the brand new product LIVINGPLANT™: Introducing Nature’s Game Changing Technology for the Modern Workplace to great fanfare.

In this fantastic Part 1, the viewer is set up to experience a new revolution in hi-tech office products. You are immersed in the audience, listening to the speaker on stage who is promising a powerful and ahead of its time invention that has no cords and is wireless.

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