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2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit in Johannesburg on 25-26 September

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2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit: Launching Successful Commercial Indoor Farming in Africa and its Cities

The 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit will be held on September 25 – 26 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa.  With the agriculture sector at the centre of ongoing discussions and debate around transformation and economic empowerment, this 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit is not only timely, but highly relevant.

Organized by Magenta Global, the two-day Conference includes a dynamic offering of engaging presentations and panel discussions.  It will bring together all agriculture stakeholders – from policy makers, trade and investment promotion agencies, farmers (both smallholders and commercial farmers), credit and agri-financiers, agri start-ups, and system integrators under one roof to learn, share and implement the latest developments and opportunities presented by vertical farming, urban greenhouses, green roofs and controlled environment agriculture.

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

The latest joint ventures and partnerships will be highlighted, case studies shared and strategies robustly debated.  New trends, opportunities and technologies will be showcased, once again providing the perfect platform for extraordinary networking opportunities for all Summit participants.

With rising issues on climate change (floods and droughts), rapidly-growing city populations and insect infestation becoming an increasing trend affecting crop production across Africa, there is an urgent need to explore alternative sustainable farming to ensure food security.

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

From America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Urban Agriculture has been making waves globally as a solution to these issues.  Modest versions of Urban Agriculture have surfaced in some African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa.

Vertical Farming, Green Houses and CEA Technology

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Into its second year, the Urban Agri Africa 2018 will look at general trends, barriers and investments into Vertical Farming, Green Houses and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Technology.  This year’s event will also take a peek into other forms of Urban Farming such as Alternate Protein Farming and Vertical Aquaponics Farming to Cultivating Algae, Prawns and Mussels and how Urban Farming is making agriculture more attractive to young farmers and agripreneurs and creating decent employment opportunities.

The Summit will feature exciting presentations on investment opportunities for food production in an urban environment, capital-raising and financing, available technology enabling indoor farming, and plant factory business models.

Expert Speakers at the 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Some of the expert speakers at this Summit include: Roger Tuckeldoe, Director of Smallholder Development at the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa; Prof Michael Rudolph, Managing Director of Siyakhana Multipurpose Cooperative; Michelle Adelman, Managing Director of Go Fresh, Botswana; Aliyu Abdulhameed, MD & CEO of Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agriculture Lending (NIRSAL), Nigeria; Esther Ndumi Ngumbi, Research Fellow at University of Illinois, USA; Peter Chege, Owner of Hydroponics Africa, Kenya; Inge Kuschke, Agriculture Analyst at Greencape; and Thato Moagi, Managing Director at Legae La Banareng Farms, amongst others.

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Supported once again by the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) along with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), the Summit will be attended by some 200 participants from the African continent, Europe, USA and the Middle East and Asia.

“Africa has unique opportunities for urban farming, especially vertical farming and if properly designed and implemented, could offer exciting solutions to sustainable food production. As part of our support for youth in farming, participants at this Summit will pay a visit to La Pieus Aqua South Africa where 16-year-old Rikaliza Reinecke is the owner of this lovely Commercial Aquaculture and Aquaponics Farm just outside Pretoria.” ~ Maggie Tan, 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit Organiser Magenta Global’s CEO

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Important Topics

  • Developing Policies for Urban Agriculture for Food Security – Contributing Factors
  • Practical Urban Farming Techniques Ideal for Meeting the Challenges of Urbanisation and Climate Change
  • Vertical Aquaponics Farms to Cultivate Algae, Prawns and Mussels – Current Cultivation and Challenges for Commercialisation
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Mining in the Next Generation of Vertical Farms
  • “Africa Needs its Own Version of the Vertical Farm to Feed Growing Cities”: What is the Best Model for Africa – Updates after the First Edition.
  • Understanding the Various Technologies Used in Vertical Farming and Learn From Regional Presentations
  • What are the Latest Research Available on Controlled Environment Crops
  • Renewable Energy: Challenges of LED-based Farming in Africa
  • What Should Those Planning to Start a Farm Consider? Lessons from Some of the Biggest Indoor Vertical Farms
  • Exploring Practical Case Studies of Different Forms of Commercial Indoor Vertical Farming
  • Endogenous Clocks and Their Role in Optimising Productivity for Indoor Farming
  • What Will Hybrid Technology Bring for Vertical Farms in Africa?
  • Financing Models to Consider for the African Landscape
  • Different Stages, Different Investment Strategies: Laying the Groundwork
  • From Traditional Farmer to Vertical Farmer

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Travel & Venue Info

The 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit will be held at the Sunnyside Park Hotel on September 25 – 26.  Situated in the heart of Parktown, one of Johannesburg’s oldest and most elegant suburbs, the Sunnyside Park Hotel is the essence of the heritage that both South African and international travelers have come to relish in.  Built in 1895, the hotel is both a National Monument and Heritage site.

The Sunnyside Park Hotel
Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown
PO Box 3017, Houghton 2041
Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact: Macdonald Mofokeng
Phone: +27 11 640 0400

Visitors to South Africa must hold a valid passport.  Nationals of most countries are required to obtain visas to enter the country.  Please check with your respective South African High Commission, consulate or travel agent for the latest status.  Invitation letter for travel visa will only be issued after receipt of full payment of fees.

Special Invitation to Visiting Foreign Delegates!

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Provided by the Johannesburg Convention Bureau, take advantage of the Post-Summit Tour on Day Three to visit the city’s most exciting sights.  Watch out for tour details on the REGISTER (Travel & Venue Info) page.

Registration & More

2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

Contact: Cathy Lim, International Business Director, Magenta Global Pte Ltd
Phone: +65 6846 2360 / Fax: +65 6747 0178
Email: or

Register now to book your seat at this engaging Summit!

Urban farmers can take advantage of a Special Urban Farmer Participation Fee of US$399/registrant.

Follow us on Facebook, and we hope to see you at the 2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit.

~ Magenta Global


2nd Urban Agri Africa 2018 Summit

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