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IGRA Green Roof News 2/2015 Main Focus: Urban Green Roof Policies

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Are you on the eNewsletter list of IGRA – the International Green Roof Association?  If not, you’re missing a great IGRA journal with their recently published IGRA Green Roof News 2/2015… while the 43-page issue is full of informative articles and case studies, its main focus is on Urban Green Roof Policies:


As you may already know, the International Green Roof Association “offers the platform for the worldwide promotion and dissemination of ecological Green Roof ideas.”

Read a little about this very instructive issue from our IGRA colleague, Sabine Frueh:

“It’s summer in the cities of the northern hemisphere. A wonderful time but the immense volume of concrete, steel, and asphalt absorbs and releases radiant heat, which can raise and maintain summer temperatures at unbearable levels. Cities can be ten to twenty degrees warmer than similarly situated rural areas and the extreme heat threatens the health of individuals. Plants cool the air by transpiration and are like mini air conditioners in summer, whether they are growing on the ground or on the rooftop.

Cities such as Paris and Rotterdam have long recognized that vegetation on roofs is offering a high potential for the improvement of the urban climate and the reduction of the “urban heat island effect.” Green Roof Policies play a very important role for their sustainable urban planning.

If you’re a city dweller, you might be comfort to know that there is already an international information exchange in this field existing: The International Green Roof City Network is a platform to facilitate the application of Green Roofs Policies within a city. Read more about the Green Roof Policy Toolkit and innovative projects from Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, USA and Germany in the IGRA Green Roof News Journal.” ~ Sabine Frueh, Co-Editor & Public Relations, IGRA International Green Roof Association

Also very interesting is the “Interview with Amy Chomowicz (Green Roof Manager, City of Portland, OR) and Wolfgang Ansel (Director, IGRA)” – two of our favorite people!


IGRA had asked me to contribute a piece for this issue about our recently completed Virtual Summit 2015, so you’ll also find an article from me on page 39 entitled “2015 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit: For the 3rd time, Shines a Virtual Spotlight on the Greenroof & Greenwall Industry, Market, & Community.”

I also plan to publish an expanded version of this article very soon here on, so look for that, too!

Download the PDF version of the IGRA Green Roof News 2/2015 here and learn more about the International Green Roof Association by visiting their website.

Happy reading!

~ Linda V.

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