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Bioroof Sells Xeroflor Green Roof Systems

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Bioroof Offers the Most Comprehensive System Line-up in the Industry

Burlington, ON, Canada – (November 11, 2020) – Bioroof Systems has been supplying green roof systems to the North American market for over a decade now, and we pride ourselves on the quality, performance and sustainability of each of the systems we provide. Not only are our systems some of the highest performing on the market, they are also adaptable to whatever conditions or restrictions exist for a project – whether structural load limitations, budget restrictions, water retention goals, design or wind uplift concerns – Bioroof offers a system solution.

As a part of our drive to ensure our range of offerings meet the growing demands of green roof projects in both the U.S.A and Canada, Bioroof is also a licensed Xeroflor green roof system provider under the trade name Xeroflor North America (XFNA). Xeroflor has been operating in the green roof industry since 1972, and their systems are well known throughout the world. They have been a part of some of the largest green roof projects in North America – the Ford Dearborn assembly plant, the Jacob Javits Center, and the FedEx Sorting Facility (O’Hare Airport). Adding to this list, Bioroof is proud to announce that we have also secured a major public works project requiring over 1,000,000 square feet of XFNA green roof products.

XFNA has four unique systems:

XF + FL – a lightweight, cost effective built-up system with a high wind uplift rating

XF + GM – designed for projects where moisture retention is high priority

XF + TR – a modular system providing all necessary green roof layers in one sleek tray

XF + MW – an upgraded XF + GM with high water retention capacity but minimal weight

Bioroof is proud to announce that we have also secured a major public works project requiring over 1,000,000 square feet of XFNA green roof products…”

Many cities and municipalities are launching their own green roof initiatives and instituting green roof by-laws that affect current and future construction. As demand rises for quality green roof materials Bioroof leads the way in providing for this demand with innovative system solutions for every green roof project scope and type.

The XFNA line of products are a welcome addition to the already impressive range of systems Bioroof has to offer, ensuring that whatever a project’s requirements may be Bioroof will have a system solution every time.

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Bioroof Systems Inc. is a North American green roof systems manufacturer that was established in 2006 with headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Bioroof’s systems have been designed for quality and performance – going above and beyond the standard green roof offerings of other companies – and all our products have been developed and understood in relation to the diverse North American climate. Since that time, we have had millions of square feet of green roof systems installed throughout North America, including the largest modular green roof installation in the world.

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