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Our June 2024 Newsletter is Out! Earthrise, a Beacon of Hope for Sustainability & Survival + more…

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Photo: “Earthrise” photo taken on Christmas Eve night 1968 by Will Anders (NASA)

Earthrise, a Beacon of Hope for Sustainability & Survival

Captured almost 56 years ago by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders, who passed away recently at 90, the famous photo “Earthrise” has been described as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken” by nature photographer Galen Rowell. As the first color image of the Earth seen from outer space, humans could finally appreciate our physical, floating perspective with Anders reflecting “Earth is small, delicate and not the center of the universe.” Read more at EARTHDAY.ORG. We have no where to go in this vast darkness of space if we cannot make planetary sustainability our #1 concern.

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Did you celebrate World Green Roof Day on June 6? Many people from across Earth did, including us, by posting photos using #WGRD2024 on social media. Read some awesome highlights from the organizers.

Do you have or know a great green infrastructure project or policy? Open to all, make sure to submit nominations to the World Green Infrastructure Awards 2024, open through June 30th. Presented at the World Green Infrastructure Congress (WGIC) 2024 in New Zealand in September, learn about the 6 categories and all the specifics at Call for WGIN World Green Infrastructure Awards 2024 Now Open.

Finally, Emilio Ambasz is interviewed in PIN-UP: “Ambasz’s vision comes out of an original practice: he subscribes to an almost meditative technique that combines mental image projection with the writing of fables. But his high-minded musings are always balanced with hard-nosed pragmatism,” convincing people “to take extraordinary, forward-thinking risks that have long-term benefits for the communities involved.” As Ambasz puts it, “Sustainability is another word for survival’s common sense.”

Well said, so, let’s embrace both Sustainability and Common Sense to reverse our warming planet!

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