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Atlantis Corporation CEO, Christian Urriola, Featured in Outdoor Design Source

on June 13, 2024 at 5:38 pm under , , , , ,

Atlantis Corporation is thrilled to see their CEO, Christian Urriola, featured in Outdoor Design Source!

In the interview, Christian highlighted how Atlantis has revolutionized urban water management over the past three decades! Since 1986, our innovative products and systems have not only pioneered sustainable stormwater solutions but have also set industry standards. By transforming urban landscapes into resilient ecosystems, we’ve significantly contributed to mitigating flooding, improving water quality, and enhancing public spaces.

This enduring legacy continues to shape sustainable development and urban environments worldwide.

A must-read for anyone passionate about the future of urban design and environmental sustainability!

Since joining Atlantis Corporation in 1996, Christian Urriola has played a pivotal role in steering the company’s trajectory. With a rich history in product and system development, research and overall management, he brings a wealth of expertise to ensure Atlantis remains at the forefront of innovation in sustainable water solutions.

Outdoor Design Source (ODS) is a valuable information resource for specifiers of products and services used in all landscape and external works projects. The ODS network is made up of print, online, eNews, digital editions, electronic direct marketing, and social media, and covers the entire landscape architecture, design and construction industries.

At Atlantis, we are driven by a profound commitment to the environment. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental engineers, landscape architects, and biologists collaborates seamlessly to develop holistic, ethical, and customized solutions for our clients. We believe in anticipating and addressing development needs while simultaneously repairing and protecting the environment in a way that is economically viable for all stakeholders in urban development.

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