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Chatfield Green Roofing Announces Broadened Product Offering as a Leading Green Roofing Material Supplier

on April 19, 2024 at 1:37 pm under , , ,

Chatfield Green Roofing is expanding its services beyond XeroFlor mats to include a full range of green roofing components, positioning it as a one-stop material distributor in the North East region.

Chatfield Green Roofing, a recognized supplier of high-quality, sustainable XeroFlor mats, is broadening its market reach with the addition of essential green roofing components to its product lineup. Committed to sustainability and innovation, the company has begun intensifying its focus on being a comprehensive material distributor. This strategic expansion aims to cater to the increasing demand for green roofing solutions, providing customers with not only the trusted XeroFlor mats but also the crucial components that complement the installation process.

The company’s decision to expand its range of materials comes after the long-term success of the Javits Center green roof project completed in 2013, showcasing its capability in handling large-scale green roof projects. By offering root barriers, drainage mats, and water retention fleece, Chatfield Green Roofing ensures the seamless availability of high-quality materials for building professionals looking to implement green roofing systems. These additional components are thoughtfully selected to align with the company’s mission of sustainability and longevity, thereby enhancing the overall performance and life span of green roofs.

Key Facts and Figures:

  • Chatfield Green Roofing is increasing its product range to include root barriers, drainage mats, growing media, water retention fleece, garden edging and drainage edge.
  • These components are essential for the efficient installation and function of green roofing systems.
  • The company’s XeroFlor mats are known for their sustainability, being lightweight, low maintenance, and economically advantageous. They are non-biodegradable, allowing them to be moved without falling apart years down the road.
  • Chatfield Green Roofing has successfully supplied 294,000 SF of XeroFlor mats for the Javits Center green roof project.
  • The company is approved by most major roof manufacturers for single source warranties, ensuring confidence in product compatibility and performance.

Press Contact: Meagan Kestler

Chatfield Green Roofing provides the North East with innovative green roofing solutions, anchored by quality and sustainability. With XeroFlor mats cultivated by Chatfield Farms in Central New York, the company emphasizes environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness. Its non-biodegradable mats offer longevity and ease of maintenance, presenting a sustainable choice for today's eco-conscious market. Through its expansion as a material distributor, Chatfield Green Roofing continues to support the region's green initiatives, solidifying its position as a leader in the green roofing industry.

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