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New York State Announces $166M Investment in Water Quality Improvement Projects, Including 1 acre Green Roof on the Central Library

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Photo: Central Library in Buffalo

In Western New York, the Buffalo Sewer Authority is set to receive $10 million for a wastewater treatment infrastructure project. This initiative includes the construction of an underground storage tunnel along East Delavan Avenue, designed to provide a minimum of 1.5 million gallons of offline storage. This development aims to significantly reduce the discharge entering Scajaquada Creek from combined sewer overflows during heavy rainfall and snowmelt, which would mark a critical step in addressing water pollution and enhancing the quality of local water bodies.

Additionally, Erie County is awarded $3 million under the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) to implement green infrastructure solutions, including the installation of more than an acre of green roof on the Central Library in Buffalo. This project, coupled with the installation of solar panels, aiming to reduce combined sewer overflows and improve water quality in the Buffalo River and Lake Erie.

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