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The Architek Group is Now Scheduling Lunch and Learn Sessions for 2023

on March 20, 2023 at 4:13 pm under , , , , ,

ATTENTION ARCHITECTS: LU Accredited Learning Sessions on Green Roof, Green Walls & Living Architecture as well as Stainless Steel Cable For Architecture available now.

Session 1: Living Architecture and Biophilic Design for Urban Cities

Green roofs can contribute positively to urban pollinator and beneficial insect biodiversity. Including the Architek Group early in the design phase will help ensure the most biodiverse results!

Session 2: Stainless Steel Design in Architecture – Endless Possibilities

The Architek Group is pleased to provide design ideas using stainless steel cable solutions for Architecture which include; webnet and cable railing systems for high-rise buildings that can reduce heat island and water waste. This lunch and learn session also includes webnet facade systems, catenary lighting structures and bridge safety netting.

Interested in our Lunch & Learn Sessions in 2023?

Contact Our Team to Schedule A Session! Book & Schedule here.

Vancouver 1 (604) 714-0028 | Toronto 1 (888) 317-9226 | Montreal 1 (514) 727-1188

Architek SBP Inc. is a leading, full-service company providing engineered solutions for living buildings in Canada. Our services include: design-assist, shop drawing and system detailing, product distribution and supply, installation and maintenance services in the following categories: green roofs, living walls/vertical gardens, living facades and site water management. Architek was established in 2007 and has offices in Vancouver and will be opening offices in Eastern Canada in the near future. We have a very progressive culture and open office environment. Our philosophy is to create a work environment which encourages our staff to participate in all aspects of our company, do so with a great degree of passion for their work and play awesome ping-pong. Our company mascot is Finn, a King Charles Cavalier, who attends all of our board room meetings without exception.

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