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Blue-Green Roof Solutions for Stormwater Management

on October 27, 2022 at 1:59 pm under , ,

A recent study by Dr. Brad Rowe of MSU’s Department of Horticulture suggest RoofBlue® RETAIN by LiveRoof may be the most sustainable and effective solution on the market for stormwater management

RoofBlue is LiveRoof’s patented, effective, and sustainable solution for stormwater management.

Each of our RoofBlue products is designed to enhance storm water capture in its own, distinctive way.

RoofBlue® RETAIN
RoofBlue RETAIN is a true “Cradle-to-Cradle” solution for enhanced storm water capture. It captures and retains storm water. Then, after the storm event, it transfers storm water upward to the plant roots, for plant growth and transpiration (to the atmosphere).

NEW! Research
Brad Rowe, green roof researcher and MSU Department of Horticulture professor, had a study published in 2022 in which he compares RoofBlue RETAIN to various other methods of storm water capture.

Impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots, and buildings along with the lack of investment in infrastructure has led to stormwater management problems such as flooding and combined sewage overflows, especially in urban areas. Therefore, there has been a concerted effort to design green roof systems to maximize stormwater retention and satisfy local stormwater codes. In this study, 21 green roof tables were constructed and utilized to compare nine green roof treatments including a roof water reservoir designed to provide temporary water storage (blue roof), two commercially available module systems, these module systems combined with a blue roof underneath (blue-green roof), rockwool, pavers, gravel, and the roofing membrane alone. All runoff events were analyzed together as one data set and then again when categorized by relative intensity as light (<7.0 mm [0.27 in]), medium (7.0 – 20.0 mm [0.27 in – 0.79 in]), or heavy (>20.0 mm [>0.79 in]). Adding the RoofBlue system to the LiveRoof Standard and Lite systems improved retention by 29.4% and 37.9%, respectively, during heavy rain events when stormwater runoff is most likely to be a problem. Overall, the rockwool and blue-green roof systems retained the greatest quantity of stormwater and were found to be comparable.

Improving stormwater retention on green roofs (Journal of Living Architecture)

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