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Tats Talks’ Specified Growth Podcast: Embracing the Green Building Movement with Rick Buist of Bioroof

on January 18, 2022 at 4:01 pm under , , ,

Burlington, ON, Canada – (January 18, 2022) – Tatsuya “Tats” Nakagawa is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and expert on innovation and marketing. He is the co-founder and CEO of Castagra Products (high-adhesion roof coatings manufacturer) and the host of the Specified Growth Podcast.

Each week, host Tats Nakagawa talks to experts from inside and outside the roofing industry about how to make meaningful change. The goal is to make a positive difference in the building materials and construction industry.

Are you curious about the green building movement and green roof systems? What’s new in the industry? Join Rick Buist, President of Bioroof Systems, as he discusses these points and more.

In this episode of Specified Growth Podcast, Rick talks about how he got into the green roof space and what some of the challenges were when he was starting out. He also discusses some of the exciting trends he’s tracking in the industry, unique practices that make Bioroof stand out in the green roof space, and much more.

Bioroof Systems Inc. is a North American green roof systems manufacturer that was established in 2006 with headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Bioroof’s systems have been designed for quality and performance – going above and beyond the standard green roof offerings of other companies – and all our products have been developed and understood in relation to the diverse North American climate. Since that time, we have had millions of square feet of green roof systems installed throughout North America, including the largest modular green roof installation in the world.

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