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New Self Contained GSky® MOBILE Versa Wall® Prepares Workplace for Expectations of Employees

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This Green wall is designed to be easily moved and provides privacy and social distancing barriers, with the added health and wellness benefit of live plants.

Delray Beach, FL – (March 11, 2021) – For more than 17 years, GSky® Plant Systems, Inc., has designed, built, and maintained Living Green Walls worldwide. GSky’s portfolio of Versa, Pro, and Basic Living Green Walls has made it the leader in the “green’ industry, with beautiful and innovative creations adorning the interiors and exteriors of Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Now GSky® is bringing Living Green Walls to the floor with the introduction of the self-contained MOBILE Versa Wall®. Destined to become the standard in the “green’’ industry, each MOBILE Versa Wall® is designed to provide a flexible solution to privacy and social distancing barriers facing the corporate world, including large and small businesses and hospitals.

The MOBILE Versa Wall® is the ultimate in ‘space’ planning, the future is really in this type of unit.”
Hal Thorne

The flexibility of the MOBILE Versa Wall® is multi-fold, beginning with its self-containment technology. Tank and pump irrigation is included in each unit, which can hold up to 12 usable gallons of water. Eliminating the need for a water feed and drain – and with its own built-in lighting – guarantees plants will remain full and healthy. A single, smart-control unit makes it simple to control the lighting and irrigation.

“Because of its self-containment technologies, the GSky® MOBILE Versa Wall® is the ideal entry into the world of Living Green Walls,’’ Thorne said. “And it’s a perfect complement for businesses already reaping the rewards of our Living Green Walls.’’

Measuring 79.25 inches high, 40 inches wide, and 19 inches deep, the GSky® MOBILE Versa Wall® optimizes floor space with the added health, wellness, and design benefits of live plants. Each MOBILE Versa Wall® can be bundled for any sized meeting space, office, or public space. When space needs change, each wall easily can be moved to accommodate a new design.

Each MOBILE Versa Wall® is made in the USA with white-powder coated aluminum and comes equipped with heavy-duty, locking swivel casters with height-adjustment capabilities and a 35.5-inch, 40-watt LED light bar. The casters further highlight the self-containment technology, as each Wall can be rolled into a space by only one person.

GSky® is bringing Living Green Walls to the floor with the new MOBILE VERSA WALL®

Mixed tropical plants can be designed and installed on either or each side of the Wall. A two-sided plant wall, for example, contains up to 192 four-inch containers that are irrigated through a self-contained, recirculating system.

For those seeking only plants on one side, each MOBILE Versa Wall® holds up to 96 four-inch mixed tropicals, with the same self-contained, recirculating system. The other side of the wall features a dry-erase board, perfect for everything from talking points to special notices.

A GSky® MOBILE Versa Wall® will help define office/workspace; improve productivity and creativity; optimize air purification, add flexibility to space configuration; and improve health and well-being. “It is essential to make people feel comfortable and safe in work and public spaces,’’ Thorne said. “Our GSky MOBILE Versa Wall® does just that and more. It’s a game-changer in the way Living Green Walls can – and will – be used.’’

GSky® Plant Systems, Inc., has headquarters offices in Delray Beach, Fl., and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sales Offices in Denver, Colo., and Hamburg, Germany. GSky® is a leading provider of vertical Living Green Walls in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The company was founded based on the explosive growth of green technology. In addition to the MOBILE Versa Wall®, all GSky® Living Green Walls are irrigated by low flow drip emitters on programmable controllers and, in many cases, can be equipped with recycling components to create an extremely efficient low water usage system. GSky® currently has more than 900 installed, or under contract, Living Green Walls, representing more than 300,000 square feet in 19 countries.

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