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Green Roofs, Solar Panels and Digital Monitoring: How the World’s Buildings are Changing

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Photo: Paul G. Wiegman

It’s clear that, as governments and businesses around the world look to increase economic productivity while reducing their carbon footprint, the built environment will need to be both functional and sustainable in the years ahead.

As governments and businesses seek to increase economic productivity and reduce their carbon footprint, the built environment will need to change.

It’s a big challenge. According to the latest Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction, emissions stemming from building operations hit their highest-ever level in 2019.

Slowly but surely, however, change is afoot. Below, CNBC takes a look at some key features of three buildings that made the shortlist for the upcoming BREEAM Awards 2021.

BREEAM is a sustainability assessment method from the Building Research Establishment which covers infrastructure, master planning projects and buildings.

According to its organizers, the awards — which will take place in March, virtually — recognize organizations, individuals and projects deemed to be “leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development and management.”

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