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Watch All 6 #VirtualSummit2019 Keynote Videos Available Now!

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All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Experience green living infrastructure completely online with’s innovative Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2019 with All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now.

If you haven’t yet, Register for FREE ***EXTENDED*** now through December 31, 2019 and watch all of the Speaker videos as they become available.

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Watch All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

With the extremely busy NYC Councilman Rafael Espinal, Jr. recently sending in his video, you can now watch all 6 Keynote Videos available now:

RAFAEL L. ESPINAL, JR., New York City Council Member for District 37, NY, USA:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – New Green Roof Laws Are a Major Win for NYC’s Environment

“The implementation of the law expanding green roofs is a win for our environment, our economy and our communities. At a time when national policy seems to turn its back on our planet, it is up to cities like New York to lead the fight against climate change. To do that, we have to adopt policies that take advantage of our unique, untapped assets. I am proud to have been a part of a team of activists and communities who are working to change this concrete jungle into a green oasis.”

ADRIANA CALDARELLI, Water Environment Federation Stormwater Institute Director, Alexandria, VA, USA:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – Rainfall to Results: The Future of Stormwater

“A report completed in 2015 by the Water Environment Federation led to the formation of the Stormwater Institute and sets out a vision for a sustainable future for stormwater. Specific projects /programs in the Stormwater Institute, which support this vision, will also be discussed.”

KONGJIAN YU, Turenscape Founder & Landscape Architect; Peking University Professor and Founding Dean of College of Architecture and Landscape, Beijing, China:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – Sponge City Starts with Home Green

“Beyond the physical boundary of city, Sponge City is a philosophy of designing a resilient planet across scales. And it starts with home, my own home that is physically made of roof, walls and floors. The talk will follow the author Kongjian Yu to explore a low maintenance approach to create a green wall and productive roof at his own home and beyond.”

NORA DANKO, City of Antwerp Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, Energy and Environment & Landscape Architect, Antwerp, Belgium:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – Antwerp’s Urban Lab on Climate-Resilient Roofs to Build Strategic Capacity and Maximise Learning

“The City of Antwerp has been promoting green roofs for about ten years – but the real breakthrough still has to occur. The few implemented projects lack the qualities needed to counter urban heat island effects or cloudbursts that flood the sewers. However, the combined area of the roofs in Antwerp has the potential to tackle urban challenges, especially if they are designed with special attention to climate aspects.

By running an Urban Lab on climate-resilient roofs, Antwerp aims to learn more about applicable techniques and combining functions, initiate market development, inspire and improve its future policies by cooperating with the green sector and owners of big roof surfaces.

Small investments with high impact? The Urban Lab is characterised by the deep involvement of participants, the ability to fail and learn, and follows the principles of the Theory of Change.”

HENRY GORDON-SMITH, Agritecture Founder and Managing Director & Sustainability Strategist, New York, NY, USA:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – The Economics of Vertical Farming

“In order to meet the growing demand for healthy, local food, cities must convert unused spaces, like rooftops, to farms. By eliminating the need to import food, cities can make fresh food more available, expand economic benefits, and lessen environmental impacts.

Urban agriculture has the potential to be a significant factor in adapting to the changing climate. Developers and property owners are beginning to recognize the potential of using these otherwise unused spaces. In this presentation, we examine successful transformations of rooftops into urban farms.”

EVELINE BRONSDIJK, City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Keynote – The Rotterdam Roofscape

“Eveline Bronsdijk, City of Rotterdam Sustainability Advisor, visits some of her city’s most interesting rooftops.

Rotterdam has a potential of 18,5 km2 flat roofs. With our multifunctional roofscape program we aim to implement multifunctional solutions for the challenges we face to add value and quality to the city. This integrated approach includes adaptation, mitigation, urbanisation, biodiversity, housing and mobility by means of stakeholder inclusion. Typical for the Rotterdam approach is that we do it together with the people of our city by means of a positive approach.”

Watch Videos from the Agenda

And, we still have more Speaker videos coming soon, too.

Read about ALL of our wonderful Speakers and – once you’re registered and have confirmed your registration – watch their videos directly from the Agenda or by clicking any of the Keynote video links above.

Check back often to see what other videos are up and ready to watch – the video will say AVAILABLE NOW!

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

Participate in Speaker Q&As Next Week

We’re still finalizing the Q&A sessions, but they’ll be posted next week and speakers will be available for 30-minute blocks on Friday & Saturday December 13 & 14.

We’ll use Zoom which supports video, and for those attendees who don’t want to be on camera, you can just use the texting function for your questions and commentary.

And, for those speakers who would prefer not to be on camera, we’ll set up Twitter Chats.

Check back next week with a post and a link to the Agenda Q&As at the #VirtualSummit2019!

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

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All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

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There’s still time!  With the extension through the end of the year, we invite you to highlight YOUR company, too, by sponsoring or exhibiting at the #VirtualSummit2019.

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All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now

We look forward to your continued participation in’s #VirtualSummit2019!

Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher & Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits Host

All 6 Keynote Videos Available Now


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