If 10% of Americans (32.5 million) would buy the plastic boxes, with some sort of soil plastic bags, and if these little containers would create a growing area of 2 (two) square feet, these would add 2.3 miles² of growing area within the US. Not talking about the 40W light bulb to have enough light.
Every year the USA converts around 250,000 acre (390 miles²) into impervious areas by building roads (2/3) and roofs (1/3).
1. Covering only 10% of the roofs with extensive green roofs will actually save the world with a fraction of the costs in construction, maintenance, operational costs and future waste = 13 miles²
2. If every Ikea store in the US (50) would have a green roof (average 320,000) this would be 0.6 miles²
3. If every Ikea parking lot would be covered with a green roof this would be an additional 2 miles².

Let us save the world without somebody who does not practice what they preach and save the world without another plastic box that lands on the trash in 10 years.