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Be a Patron for Green Roof Park, Rain Gardens & Tea House at the Detroit Zen Center!

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Support the Detroit Zen Community with their

Help them Shine One Corner of the World!

Detroit Zen Center Green Roof Park & Teahouse from Patronicity Campaign on Vimeo.

What is the Detroit Zen Center?

“Established in 1990, we promote peace & sustainability within the individual & community, and are a volunteer based non-profit organization. Our programs & spaces are designed to care for the mind, heart & body. We stay busy!” ~ Detroit Zen Center

A commendable undertaking, the Detroit Zen Center project has two aims: to model an innovative solution to the regular storm-sewer floods that damages the neighborhood homes and buildings, and to create public green space around them.

Support the Detroit Zen Center

Support by donating now on Patronicity! If the Detroit Zen Center reaches their $50,000 campaign goal by December 15, all donation dollars will be matched (doubled) by a grant they have received from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation! However, they only receive the grant if they meet their $50,000 campaign goal. The Center has lots of different giving levels and accompanying pledge gifts, and any size donation is appreciated!

Green Roof Talk – DZC from Jeremy Olstyn on Vimeo. Clayton Rugh, PhD, Director, XeroFlor North America

The Detroit Zen Center is partnering with the installers of the Ford Rouge Green Roof (XeroFlor North America) and Michigan State University Green Roof Studies’ students and faculty to grow and install the 2,500-square-foot green roof in Spring, 2019.

The Green Roof and Rain Garden will absorb up to 10,000 gallons of rainwater at a time, while creating a lovely place for neighbors to get inspired, relax and enjoy life. They hope their project will spark a community-wide campaign for green roofs and rain gardens. These amazing systems absorb run-off, significantly reduce heating and cooling bills, establish ecosystems and green space, create a home to butterflies, birds and plants, and maybe most importantly, improve the quality of life for people.

Detroit Zen Center

Image: Detroit Zen Center

For more information and to get involved, visit their campaign page at, or contact the Detroit Zen Center at (313)366-7738 or

The Detroit Zen Center Green Roof, Rain Garden & Tea House sounds like a great future community project, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, this would be a wonderful cause to donate time or money!


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