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Designing Buildings Without Vegetation Means Forgetting the Needs of Its Citizens

on November 21, 2018 at 7:48 am under , ,
Photo: Hotel Wellington of Madrid Rooftop, by Isabel De Felipe Bonete

It is increasingly recognized that the sustainability of our cities must contemplate not only the uses of urban spaces, but also the form and materials with which we build our buildings, in a way that allows us to improve urban environmental quality, in addition to the energy efficiency of its residents. To all of this, the Portuguese agronomist Paulo Palha has been dedicated its efforts during the last years – Agronomist Paulo Palha explains the importance of urban construction with green roofs.

urban construction with green roofs

He is currently the CEO for Neoturf, Espacios Verdes Lda and founder of Landlab Lda. With more than 400 landscape design projects and 150 green roof projects in Portugal and abroad, he is also the founder and current president of the Portuguese Association of Green Covers (APCV). He coordinates the working group for the development of the first Portuguese technical guide for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs.

Note: If you are interested in reading this article in English, Google Translate allows you to copy any text and translate it to your preferred language (not perfect, but better than nothing).

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