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Stormwater Greening Is Good for Business

on November 6, 2018 at 8:00 am under , ,

A group within SBN, the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners, reported close to 14 percent revenue growth, to $17.8 million in 2014. Based on the water utility’s expenditures projection of $1.2 billion (in 2009 dollars) over the life of Green City, Clean Waters, the SBN thinks predictions of a total economic impact of $3.1 billion are conservative. The same goes for the accompanying figures of 1,000 jobs created and $2 million in local tax revenues generated every year during the life of the project.

A map from 2017 showing the scope of completed projects connected to the Green City, Clear Waters program.
(Credit: Philadelphia Water Department)

Success breeds mimicry, and Philadelphia’s ambitious stormwater plans have been embraced with open arms. The PWD is literally — and happily — overrun by delegations who come to tour Green Water sites, research policies and take notes. During the past year Singapore, Rotterdam and Hiroshima have sent representatives. In this country, groups from New York City, Newark, Cumberland, San Antonio, Washington State and Hawaii have arrived to give the works a closer look.

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