The Dept. of Energy & politicians are making fools of people by promoting “alternative” energy and bio-fuels in the name of global warming and climate change when the technology that eliminates the burning of fossil fuels is now. I’m not arguing that there is no GW/CC or that there is no man-made GW/CC. The issue is that the Molten Salt Reactor, successfully tested in the 1960’s doesn’t produce any greenhouse gasses and the total cost of producing electricity can be about ½ of what it is presently. The best re-design is being done right in MA. So, the billions of $$$ spent on studying, arguing and on “alternatives” is wasted, making some rich on the backs of everyone else. Also, DoE is using your money to pay people in the U.S. to give your technology to China and India. That’s Y people in Europe call Americans the Stupid Rich.
Alternatives are a scam, GW/CC or not, because they will never solve the problem of Man-made GW/CC even if there is such a problem.
And there are other economically viable alternatives to carbon capture. Turning trash into synthetic products using gasification not only reduces using petroleum, but CO2 can be converted to CO to produce more synthetic product.
Only fools think that god government will solve the problems and that private industry is a scam.
Join the effort for clean energy for the world and reduce your taxes