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3rd International Green Roof Congress 2013 (Hamburg/Germany) Waterscapes, Landscapes, Roofscapes – Visionary Projects Presented by Award Winning Companies

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3rd International Green Roof Congress 2013 in Hamburg

Spectacular rooftop usage ideas - the sky is the limit (Copyright IGRA).

The 3rd International Green Roof Congress 2013 in Hamburg (13-15 May, will provide a platform for a cross profession information exchange in the field of Green Roofs and Living Walls.  Some of the world ´s most innovative architects and sustainability experts (e.g. Peter Busby – Perkins+Will, Wong Mun Summ – WOHA, Jakob Lange – Bjarke Ingels Group, Martin Haas – Studio 2050 and Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl – Atelier Dreiseitl) will discuss the future of urban roofs with roof and facade greenery engineers, researchers and urban planners.

The lecture programme will be complemented by two hands-on workshops and excursions to green roof projects in the region of Hamburg.

In 2013 Hamburg also celebrates the International Garden Show, which covers more than 100 hectares, and the International Building Exhibition  with its ground-breaking sustainable buildings, like the “Water”-, “Hybrid”- and “Smart Material”- houses.  The “BIQ-House,” for example, is the first house in the world to have an algae facade that serves as a biochemical reactor, whereas the facade of the “Walderhaus” has embedded plant-based nests for birds and insects.

Further highlights are the newly designed “Global Neighbourhood” and a climate protection concept which sets new standards with the “IBA Dock”, the “Energy Bunker” and the “Energy Hill Georgswerder.”

3rd International Green Roof Congress, in Hamburg, Germany

Spectacular landscaping and innovative architecture connected by green roofs – There is more than one good reason to visit Hamburg in 2013.  For more information please visit the congress website at:

~ Wolfgang Ansel
Tel.: +49 7022 / 7191980

Wolfgang Ansel is a biologist and the Director of the International Green Roof Association (IGRA).  One of his main areas of work is implementing Green Roof policies and guidelines on an international level.  Wolfgang Ansel is co-author of different Green Roof books.  During the last years, he was an invited speaker at congresses in Europe, North America and Asia.  IGRA’s targets include the worldwide promotion of the ecological Green Roof idea, an international knowledge transfer in the field of Green Roofs and the stimulation of international standards for good practices and reliable Green Roof technology.