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Spectacular Eco-Palazzo Park in Costa Rica

on August 19, 2010 at 7:24 pm under

Plans were recently approved for the vegetation-clad Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences, the first luxury beachfront hotel and condominium resort in Costa Rica to be built with the latest green building techniques, including the country’s largest greenroof at 40,000 square feet.

Designing the luxury development in Manuel Antonio, one of the world’s premier eco tourism destinations, is Arqueco Ltda., an environmentally-aware Costa Rican architectural and engineering firm.   Incorporating LEED-certified materials, construction plans include building techniques and technologies aimed at creating a human habitat with negative carbon footprint.   A key component of Palazzo Park is Costa Rica’s first large-scale  living roof, proposed by project developer KC Development Group.

The project team announced its alliance with the Eco Preservation Society, Palazzo Park Eco Action, to renew and preserve land adjacent to Manuel Antonio Park.   More than 500 acres of land at Playa El Rey adjoins  the Park, which will expand the habitat for the endangered, but peaceful and playful, Mono Titi squirrel monkey.

What’s very cool is that a portion of each sale at Palazzo Park will fund the Eco Action Program!

“Palazzo Park has made a truly revolutionary commitment to habitat restoration with the Palazzo Park Eco Action Program. We are unaware of any similar programs associated with a major resort and residence developments anywhere in the world. This program integrates our efforts to save endangered species with guests and residents who will be continuously connected to the researchers, conservationists and other like-minded individuals.  It’s truly a groundbreaking effort.” ~ Kevin Peterson, Eco Preservation Society

An open-air common area with vistas of the rainforest and the sea, Palazzo Park’s greenroof will provide over 40,000 square feet of native vegetation designed specifically as habitat for indigenous species.

“Each unit will sponsor a portion of land and oversee its reforestation and preservation. It is a great opportunity for owners to get involved in a way that they can actually see things happening for a great cause for years to come.” ~ Carlton Solle, The Costa Rica Real Estate Company and Coldwell Banker

Fabled Costa Rican hospitality, cool ocean breezes, lush plantings, spectacular views, and helping to preserve native forests and monkeys  – now that’s guilt-free living!

For more info, see the Press Release and visit,, and

Pura Vida!   ~ Linda V.



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