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The Lunette 42 – Zentrum f?r Familienbildung, Fr?hf?rderung und Kultur, Josef Held is located at Franz-Philipp-Str.14, 76437 Rastatt; 072 22/2 92 29; Visit the City of Rastatt’s website. See a case study of the L?nette 42 in German here. See more ZinCo projects here, and read about ZinCo GmbH and ZinCo USA in The Greenroof Directory.

Construction of the Rastatt fortress building built on the plan of a crescent moon began in 1842, and the final stone was laid in 1858. Located on the R?ttererberg, it was one of the strongest of the German empire but its fortifications were dismantled in 1890. A 30 cm thick cover of soil and grass has been in existence over the doubled arched roof of the “Lunette” fortress building since 1875. In 1957, the L?nette 42 – Zentrum f?r Familienbildung, Fr?hf?rderung und Kultur, as it is known locally, was declared a cultural monument. Today the building is used as a cultural and music education center for handicapped people who study the sciences of fine art.

Originally designed for camouflage purposes, the greenroof was greatly in need of refurbishing. The historic building demanded a replacement of the grass roof as a planning precondition.

ZinCo International’s Floratec FS 50 was used for the build-up system. Every detail was discussed at the design stage to ensure a historically correct representation. In this case the landscape build-up was rolls of turf only laid onto 100 mm, or 3 3/4″ of planting soil, supported by ZinCo’s Floradrain. Once the turf has established itself, this extensive greenroof will be allowed to survive on its own and no maintenance will be provided.


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