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ZinCo USA, Inc.
471 Page St. Unit 5
Stoughton, MA 02072 USA
Contact Nicholas Smith
Phone 866-766-3155
Fax 866-766-3955
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ZinCo Group is the international pioneer and market leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally smart green roof systems for high density urban areas.

Since our inception in 1957, we have led the industry's growth and advancement by developing environmentally smart solutions that reduce urban heat island effect and improve storm water management.  The project goals of the ZinCo Technical Department are to provide top quality in all components, generate innovative ideas for architectural visions, and develop customized solutions for attractive designs in roof landscapes. Our award winning products and systems help clients develop stunning landscapes that are earth-friendly by conserving energy and producing cleaner air and water in urban areas.

ZinCo is fully committed to maximizing the economic, environmental and public health benefits of green roof systems. Our holistic approach to promoting green roof utilization includes: technical and horticultural research, developing standards in partnership with industry associations and sponsoring annual international conferences to build public awareness and education.

Based in Germany, ZinCo has offices in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. We install over 15 million square feet of green roof systems annually on commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings. Our lightweight, durable green roof systems leverage German-engineered technology to imitate the beauty of nature and deliver superior environmental and economic benefits to building owners and communities all over the world.


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