1425 K Street
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The 1425 K Street Greenroof; Photos Courtesy the Barrett CompanyProject Name: 1425 K Street
Year: 2004
Owner: Blake Real Estate
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Building Type: Commercial
Type: Extensive, Test/Research
System: Custom
Size: 3500 sq.ft.
Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible, Private
Submitted by: Dawn Gifford, D.C. Greenworks & Rooflite?

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Plant Supplier: Green Roof Plants/Emory Knoll Farms
Greenroof Design & Installation: D.C. Greenworks
Greenroof Provider: Barrett Company
Drainage: JDRain, JDR Enterprises
Growing Medium: Rooflite?, Laurel Valley Soils
July, 2005This 3,500 square-foot demonstration project is D.C.'s first high elevation greenroof in a high-density commercial zone. It was completed in June of 2004.July, 2005
A collaboration of DC Greenworks, Casey Trees, and Blake Real Estate, the 3,500 sq. ft. greenroof located 13 stories above 1425 K Street is a showcase to accelerate the adoption of greenroof technology in the Nation's Capital. Monitoring equipment installed on the greenroof, and on an unplanted control area, is expected to document a significant reduction in storm water runoff and rooftop temperatures. DC Greenworks is the technical lead and general contractor for installation and trained a workforce team of young adults from Covenant House Washington, a nonprofit youth services agency serving at-risk youth.

The project was supported by grants from the Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grants Program administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and by the Watershed Protection Division of the DC Department of Health. Training for Covenant House youth was supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Bridges to Friendship. This greenroof was awarded the Washington Business Journal's "Best Real Estate Deals of 2004" winning in the category for Sustainable Growth & Environmental Impact.
July, 2005Photos Courtesy the Barrett Company
Several steps were required to prepare the roof for 33,000 pounds of engineered soil and 9,730 low-growing succulent plants comprised of 11 species of sedums. Following removal of the upper layers of the previous roof, a new Barrett Ram Tough 250 waterproof membrane/root barrier was installed in conjunction with EFVM electronic leak detection system that showed the system to be waterproof prior to planting. On top of the new membrane a two-inch layer of polystyrene insulation was replaced, topped by a layer of geo-textile filter fabric, and an inch-thick JDRain greenroof drainage mat.

Greenroof media was spread three inches deep across the roof and topped with a loosely woven jute mat to hold it in place until the plants are fully established in one to two years. The plants were hand-planted in clusters to form a mosaic of variety, color, and texture. After planting was completed, the fully planted roof was again tested for leaks and passed with flying colors.The green roof growing media used for this project was supplied by Skyland USA, LLC, the creators of rooflite. Rooflite is the first and only standardized green roof growing media in North America being sold under an independent brand name. Rooflite green roof media products meet or exceed all of the current standards of both the ASTM and FLL. The components of rooflite are guaranteed to be of the highest quality while at the same time being price competitive.

Additionally, the current line of rooflite green roof media products contain HydRocks calcined clay, which is recognized as the best light weight aggregate on the market today. Lastly, the organic components of all rooflite green roof products have been tested under the United States Composting Council's, Soil Testing Assurance (STA) program which gives you the added assurance that you are using the best product available.

Additional thumbnail photos:

1425 K Street Tours are offered twice monthly by calling Amy Thorn at Casey Trees 202.833.4010. More information on the project can be found at the DC Greenworks; a detailed project description as contained in their proposal is available as a PDF download; or call D.C. Greenworks at 202.518.6195. Learn all about Barrett Company, Waterproofing Consultants and Material Suppliers, in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory here.

Read the October 11, 2004 article in ASLA Online by Susan Hines "Going for the Green: Casey Trees Endowment Teams with Blake Real Estate and DC Greenworks to Create One of Washington's First Green Roofs" here. Read (former) Executive Director Dawn Gifford's Guest Feature Article here on Greenroofs.com of August, 2003.
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