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Apex Green Roofs is a full-service green roof contractor with 15+ years of successful green roof design, install, and maintenance expertise.

Our green roof project portfolio features over 100 eco roof installations ranging from 2.5“ extensive green roof systems to rooftop gardens and amenity spaces requiring 4 ft of growing medium.

As a full-service green roof contractor, our team will:

  • Ensure best practices and innovative solutions are incorporated during the project planning phase
  • Facilitate all logistical needs during installation
  • Ensure a thriving living roof system by providing seasonal maintenance during the establishment phase and thereafter

Working with architects, landscape architects, contractors, engineers, roofers, developers and residential clients – our projects range from multi-million dollar commercial projects to smaller custom-built residential homes.


  • Urban and rural locations
  • New construction and retrofit
  • Custom residential homes
  • Green roof rehabilitation

Visit to see the full range of completed Apex Green Roof projects located all over New England.