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Barrett Company
P.O. Box 412
Millington, NJ 07946 USA
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Phone 800-647-0100
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The roof is a forgotten element on most buildings. Unnecessarily. Designed and built as a multi-functional element, roofs can be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing in addition to providing its core function of moisture and thermal protection of buildings.

Conceptually, Greenroof-Roofscapes® can turn unused roof space into a park-like garden setting with a keen sensitivity to environmental enhancement or it can simply be an example and statement of the building Owner’s environmental concern.

The Greenroof-Roofscapes® state-of-the-art roofing-landscape assembly provides many benefits lost with conventional roofing:


Owner Benefits Include:

  • Create Aesthetic Appeal of The Roof Space

  • Reduced Energy Demands, Expenses and
    Energy Creation Pollution

  • Tax Benefits Increasingly available in Urban Areas

  • Increased Usable Space

  • Increased Property Values

  • Reduced Noise Pollution

  • Prolonged Roof Life


Ecological Benefits Include:

  • Reduced and Controlled Storm Water Runoff

  • Recycled and Recyclable Materials in Most Components

  • Processing Rain and Airborne Toxins Through

  • LEED Credits

  • Biodiversity and Biophilia Enhancement

  • Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen, Improving Urban Air Quality

  • Reduced Debris Sent To Landfills


Greenroof-Roofscapes® are designed around engineered interdependent components which function as a natural planting habitat. The otherwise "lost" roof space can be used to create a public or private open green space offering serenity, balance and harmony, and significant ecological contributions.


The Barrett Company has over 85 years of successful experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry and more than 35 years of successful experience with vegetated waterproofing. Barrett Company’s waterproofing expertise, in association with affiliated horticultural professionals, including the very unique EcoCline® design and Stewardship program, offers building Owners the best of all possible vegetated roof systems, a long-life, watertight and single-source warrantied Greenroof-Roofscapes® with a proven track record.

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