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Read about ZinCo here and ZinCo USA here. See more ZinCo projects here. Read this profile in German.

The Mitsui-Yamaha Motor Deutschland GmbH is a company of Japanese origin. The office building has been designed in a U-shape, with parking space fitted at the centre. A green roof was designed and installed in this inner courtyard to screen the parked cars from view. The green roof, in the form of a Japanese garden with its harmonious view, can now be seen by the employees from their offices on all three sides. In the reception hall, which is at ground level, the visitor walks straight towards the garden and the parked cars are no longer visible as they are hidden beneath.

The dividing wall to the car park is partly covered by close growing hardy plants, and screened by various shrubs and trees. The lawn with its stepping stones is bordered by a curved strip of pebbles.Above Left: ZinCo System Build-up:Plant, lawn or turf rolls;System Substrate ?Rockery Type Plants? ca. 150 – 250 mm;Filter Sheet SF;Floradrain? FD 60, filled with Zincolit;Moisture Retention/ Protection Mat SSM 45;Roof construction with rootproof waterproofing.


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