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FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Center was highlighted for the month of February in the 2008 Greenroofs of the World Calendar, and you can download a Greenroofs Wallpaper including the main photo above for your desktop by visiting Desktop Nexus. Learn about ZinCo in The Greenroof Directory here, and ZinCo USA here. See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo USA website here for more information. Download a PDF of FiftyTwoDegrees here, or visit their website.

FiftyTwoDegrees was designed by Mecanoo Architects of Delft, The Netherlands. Previous projects by this renowned agency include designs for buildings such as the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, the library of the Delft Polytechnic University, and La Llotja in Spain. The agency is also active in England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Albania, Taiwan, and Malaysia. With its design for FiftyTwoDegrees, Mecanoo has designed a daring and revolutionary master plan that has drawn international attention.Project Manager Francesco Veenstra says: ?The ?bent? tower of FiftyTwoDegrees is the striking centerpiece of the international business park. It is an open and inviting building where internationally oriented people from various disciplines meet with and inspire each other. The park houses, among other things, the bent tower with nearly 20,000 m2 (65,617 sq. feet) of office space, a convention center with room for 500 visitors, a modern parking garage, and a hotel.The tower is 86 meters (282 feet) tall and, to a significant degree, defines the new Nijmegen skyline. The fa?ade is made of aluminum and glass in a unique and whimsical pattern; a graphical game that beautifully represents the future-oriented and innovative spirit of FiftyTwoDegrees. The office spaces and business labs in the bent tower can be arranged flexibly. The space around the elevators and the stairwell has been intentionally kept compact to guarantee optimal utilization of space on every floor.?

The greenroof is not only an important part of the architecture of the building, but also has an important role in the whole stormwater management system of the building. The entire area has no connection to the sewer system of the city of Nijmegen. The greenroof contains/buffers most of the rainfall. For excessive rain, the surplus water is contained in two water buffer systems, one of gravel and another system that is built up with infiltration pipes under the parking lot that is situated below the greenroof. The rainwater surplus is infiltrated in the soil. The engineers of ZinCo Germany calculated the exact amount of water buffering in the greenroof system and the excess rainwater so that the infiltration pipes could be dimensioned appropriately. The greenroof system utilizes the ZinCo Floradrain FD40.


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