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Charlesview Residences is located at 2013 Western Avenue, Boston, MA; visit their website.

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Charlesview Residences is a mixed-use development in Boston’s Allston-Brighton community, and Phase 1 was completed in June, 2013 with 340 units of housing, 15,000 square feet of commercial/retail space, and a 10,000 square-foot community center and underground parking for 243 vehicles. Designed to a LEED® Silver certifiable standard by CBT Architects, Charlesview Residences is connected to the surrounding neighborhood by new streets and parks.

The new complex provides new housing for the residents at the outdated 213-unit Charlesview Apartments at nearby Barry’s Corner as well as additional rental and homeownership units. Specifically there are a total of 240 units of mixed-income rental housing (Phase 1); with 20 units of affordable home-ownership units in Phase 2; and 80 for-sale condominiums in Phase 3.

The intensive green roof includes planted areas, walkways and driveways and was thus realized best with the “ZinCo Recreational Park” system. The core element of this build-up is the drainage element Stabilodrain® SD 30, an extremely stable and trafficable drainage element suitable for the installation of both hardscapes and softscapes. It allows wheel loaders to drive on it, e.g. during the base layer installation. Stabilodrain® elements easily bear the weight of the growing media plus plants and ensure at the same time an unhindered drainage of surplus water.

The drainage element Stabilodrain® SD 30 was applied on the entire roof surface of the Charlesview Residences and completely filled with stone chippings. The System Filter Sheet PV was installed below and on top of Stabilodrain® SD 30. Planting areas were separated from the hardscape areas by low curbs on one side and by benches on the other side. Only seeing the garage entrance at the ground plane reveals that the courtyard is located on a roof surface, and is indeed a beautifully designed green roof courtyard.

The development of Charlesview Residences was made possible through a partnership of public and private financing.


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