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Xeroflor Green Roof Stands up to Violent Winds

Toronto, Canada. - (February 12, 2016) - A new test report shows that Xeroflor's premium green roof system has proven its ability to withstand violent Canadian storms and near hurricane winds. The XF301 Sedum Standard pre-vegetated green roof assembly recently tested to CAN/CSA A 123.24 and proved itself under vigorous wind uplift pressure and flow conditions at the National Research Council of Canada.

Xeroflor was a key industry partner in the development of the CAN/CSA A 123.24 Canadian Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Modular Vegetated Roof Assembly - the first such test in the world. This method measures the wind uplift resistance of a green roof system and provides a tool for the designers and building officials to evaluate its suitability for specific projects to ensure public safety.

The XF301 Sedum Standard, one of the lightest green roof systems available on the market, sustained a wind speed of 170 km/h (106 mph) and a wind pressure of 9.6 kPa (200 psf). The green roof system was intentionally tested at a drier than normal service condition at only 27 kg/m2 (5.6 psf) to obtain more conservative results. This remarkable lightweight system is a German technology with roots that go back four decades when Xeroflor invented the pre-vegetated mat.

This video shows Xeroflor getting tested at the NRC wind labs:

Dr. Karen Liu, Product Manager of Bonar Xeroflor GmbH said, “We are very excited about the test results – they confirmed our belief that by combining superior designs with quality materials, green roof systems can be made thin and light yet highly resistant to wind uplift forces.”

Today, this innovative system is found on landmark buildings around the world and is most highly regarded for its high water-retention-to-weight ratio.

Wind expert Bas Baskaran, Ph. D, P. Eng, and his team, oversaw the testing and issued Report A1-004442 on February 10, 2016.


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The XF301 is the original pre-vegetated green roof system. Xeroflor is a trusted green roof adviser since 1972. Xeroflor green roof systems are proven, patented and flourishing on thousands of buildings worldwide.

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