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Why Do a Green Roof? Three Kings Water Treatment Plant – Project Feature

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This month we’re featuring Intermountain Roofscape Supply.

Charissa Wagner, owner of Intermountain Roofscape Supply, is a trailblazer in the field of green roofs. Perhaps not unlike earlier settlers of the Mountain States, Charissa radiates self-sufficiency, resiliency and fortitude and embraces the climatic extremes of the region. She is confident, grounded and deeply connected to the magnificent natural world that surrounds her.

Established in 2011, Intermountain Roofscape Supply came to be when Charissa met the LiveRoof® team and found a like-minded dedication to quality, service, and the environment. Soon Intermountain was taking on such projects as the 12,000 square-foot LiveRoof® for the Montana State Fund Building in Helena, Montana. And, today Intermountain is considered the preeminent supplier of green roofs in the region, with over 200 successful LiveRoof® projects. Charissa states that “we prioritize education to ensure that buyers and installers are well-informed about the benefits and intricacies of green roofs.” From small residential homes to large-scale commercial projects, Intermountain Roofscape Supply is committed to excellence at every turn.

When asked to showcase a unique project and explain their motivation for doing the project, Charissa brought to light Three Kings Water Treatment Plant in Park City, an historic silver-mining town turned upscale ski destination. Three Kings Water Treatment Plant plays a vital role in providing clean drinking water to residents, and this is a remarkable feat as mining activities had left a legacy of water contamination, impacting local streams and wildlife. The implementation of green roofs on the facility not only improves water quality but also aligns with Park City’s sustainability goals of protecting ground water, lakes, streams, fisheries and terrestrial and avion wildlife.

“We prioritize education to ensure that buyers & installers are well-informed about the benefits & intricacies of green roofs.”
Charissa Wagner, owner of Intermountain Roofscape Supply

Three Kings Water Treatment Facility includes three LiveRoof green roofs.

Therefore, to summarize their Why:

Park City has embraced green roofs on this project for two overarching reasons (among the 20+ total benefits that green roofs can provide). They have used their green roof areas to…

  • Protect the ground water, lakes and streams, and wildlife.
  • Reduce energy consumption and lower their Carbon Footprint.

Through her work with Park City, Charissa and her team at Intermountain have continued to redefine the possibilities of green infrastructure in the Mountain States.

By championing green roofs as a solution for environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices, Charissa and the project managers at Park City have left a lasting legacy of stewardship, environmental consciousness and leadership for the residents and surroundings of Park City.

Park City’s Live Roof initiatives extend to other municipal buildings including the Park City Golf Maintenance Facility, adorned with two LiveRoof’s grown in 2021.

About this Piece:

This is the third article in the series: Why do a Green Roof? We hope you enjoy the series throughout this year. I’m Jodi Griffin, Business Development Manager for LiveRoof® Global. I can be reached via email at

For more information about Intermountain Roofscape Supply – Click HERE.

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