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Architek Continues to Lead in Sustainable Urban Biophilic Design with Green and Blue Roofs

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Vancouver, BC, Canada — The Architek Group of Companies, with its commendable legacy since 2007, has been a beacon of innovation in sustainable urban development. It focuses on green and blue roof technologies. Architek’s holistic approach encompasses the design, installation, and maintenance of these eco-friendly roofs, demonstrating a profound commitment to enhancing urban resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Renowned for their meticulous biophilic projects, Architek’s GRP-accredited team crafts living architecture solutions that harmonize with any urban setting across Canada. Their green roofs are celebrated for addressing the heat island effect in dense areas and improving building performance while supporting environmental health. Similarly, their blue roof systems offer an advanced method for managing stormwater, playing a crucial role in urban water conservation efforts and following the Cities Water Strategies.

A key aspect of their work is the commitment to exceptional biophilic design, ensuring that projects like the 410 West Georgia in Vancouver  seamlessly incorporate nature from the beginning. This approach not only aids in achieving LEED Platinum targeted but also contributes to a reduction in bird strikes, demonstrating a harmonious blend of functionality and environmental stewardship with their partnered company, Rope and Cable Canada.

By seamlessly integrating green roofs, living walls, green facades, and water conservation technologies, Architek sets the standard for living architecture in Canada. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is further evidenced by the full warranty on their green roofs, underscoring their status as a trusted leader in the industry.

For a deeper dive into Architek’s transformative projects and to explore the benefits of green and blue roofs, we invite you to visit our website or reach out directly at Beyond providing insightful information, Architek is excited to offer both in-person and virtual Lunch N’ Learn sessions tailored for 2024. These sessions are not only a unique opportunity to engage with our team but also a platform to delve into cutting-edge topics such as biophilic design and the mitigation of heat island effects in urban climates.

Architek Group of Companies is also keen on participating in conference presentations. Our focus areas include but are not limited to, the integration of nature within architectural design and strategies to counteract the urban heat island phenomenon. This initiative is part of our effort to engage with industry peers, stakeholders, and communities, sharing knowledge and sparking discussions that lead to actionable insights.

If you are organizing a speaking series or looking for experts to contribute to discussions on these vital issues, please consider Architek as a potential partner. Our expertise and passion for sustainable design are what we aim to share, hoping to inspire and contribute to the broader conversation on creating resilient, liveable urban spaces for future generations.

Architek SBP Inc. is a leading, full-service company providing engineered solutions for living buildings in Canada. Our services include: design-assist, shop drawing and system detailing, product distribution and supply, installation and maintenance services in the following categories: green roofs, living walls/vertical gardens, living facades and site water management. Architek was established in 2007 and has offices in Vancouver and will be opening offices in Eastern Canada in the near future. We have a very progressive culture and open office environment. Our philosophy is to create a work environment which encourages our staff to participate in all aspects of our company, do so with a great degree of passion for their work and play awesome ping-pong. Our company mascot is Finn, a King Charles Cavalier, who attends all of our board room meetings without exception.

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