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Sedum Master Inc. is proud to announce a couple of new items in their product lineup for 2015

Princeton, ON, Canada - (January 14, 2015) - Sedum Master Inc. is introducing a new 12” x 24” Sedum MiniMat®. This is a mixed species pre-vegetated sedum mat grown on our standard non-biodegradable carrier. It is available in our standard 17 species sedum mix, or can be custom grown to spec given enough lead time. This Minimat® is easier to handle and to install and is great for those larger green roofs to the smaller do-it-yourself projects.

We also have our new Master Plug, which is a 3.5” x 3.5” x 3.5” sedum plug. These plugs are available in single species, or a mixed species plug.

Here at Sedum Master we will be bringing back your favourites, the Sedum Regular Mat (SMRM5) and the Sedum Lightweight Mat (SMUL6) again for 2015. These high demand mats can still be ordered in the 1m2 (3.28’x3.28’) or 2m2 (6.56’x3.28’) sizes. You can get them in our standard sedum mix which contains 17 different varieties of sedum or you can order them as a custom grow (please note that lead time is needed).

We also have a plenty of different varieties of sedum plugs for your upcoming projects, with a vast array of colours, heights, growing periods, and flowers. For the varieties of sedums that are currently in-stock, call or email Sedum Master Inc. at 519-458-4061 or

Sedum Master Inc. would also like to announce our newest addition to the Sedum family, Mr. Rob Lebrow. Rob was with Sedum Master Inc. at the very beginning of it all and now has come back and taken on the position of Manager of Sales and Communication. Rob brings to the table years of experience in sales and the know how’s in the green roof industry. With his great approach and positive attitude he can help you with all your green roof questions and needs. You can contact Rob at 519-458-4061 or email at

2015 is going to be an exciting year in the sedum world at Sedum Master Inc. We are gearing up and bringing out the work boots and looking forward to getting them dirty again.

About Sedum Master
Sedum Master is a family business with three generations of agriculture expertise and experience in ecological stabilization. We specialize in providing sedum solutions for a variety of green roof applications. We are dedicated to creating flexible relationships with customers to achieve individual project goals and ensure prompt service and delivery.


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