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Kathmandu Can Restore Some of its Lost Greenery with Vertical Gardens

on August 30, 2019 at 5:13 pm under , ,
Photo: Nepal Times

His geotextile canvas is a moist fabric wall alive with leaves and roots, flowers and fruits, water, air and colonies of tiny living creatures. The vertical gardens are living art with broad strokes of a variety of green and tufts of vivid moss, daubs of purple, orange or white where flowers have bloomed.

Iriarte borrows heavily from expressionist tendencies when he paints on stretched canvas. Similarly, these living compositions speak of the artist’s dual love for the city and nature, but also of how they struggle to coexist. Iriarte moved to Kathmandu two years ago with his wife and found reasons and an opportunity here to venture beyond his indoor paint-and-canvas studio into open space. He is the founder of Nepal Vertical Gardens.

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