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Don’t Miss Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

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As we continue to flatten the coronavirus curve by staying at home, don’t miss watching these fantastic videos about Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019.  Just Register first, then watch away from the Agenda page! (Q&A Videos are watched from the Q&A page.)

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Learn more about these videos from Speakers from China, Australia, Egypt, Nepal, and Italy:

Sponge City Starts with Home Green:


The Turenscape Founder & Landscape Architect; Peking University Professor and Founding Dean of College of Architecture and Landscape shares his low maintenance approach to create a green wall and productive roof at his own home in Beijing.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Green Facades – The Benefits of Informed Design:


Fytogreen Australia’s Managing Director talks about the “Air Movement Study” of a green façade project, Platinum Apartments, in Melbourne, Australia discussing the design and research required to achieve BCA compliance for passive ventilation in the car park.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Green Walls and Green Roofs in Arid Egyptian Climates:


The Schaduf Principal shares how Cairo has benefited from innovation, implementation, and education in landscape architecture, farming, vertical gardening, and a variety of sustainability driven products and services.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Himalayan Vertical Gardens: Windows of Nature:


The Nepal Vertical Gardens Founder, Artist, Agricultural Engineer speaks about how, with creativity and persistence, it’s possible to find green solutions in any environment and shares his experience building vertical gardens in Nepal.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Il Giardino Verticale del Liceo Giovanni Keplero di Roma (The Vertical Garden of the Giovanni Keplero High School of Rome):


Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero di Roma Professor


Leonardo da Vinci Agricultural Institute Professor and Giardini & Paesaggi Principal

This collaboration video actually has two separate videos included. Together with a group of 25 students, the educators completed the first vegetated roof on a school in Italy in 2016 (the first video), and the second video talks about recently adding a greenwall at the entrance to the high school.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

Green Your Laneway Pilot Project


The City of Melbourne Councillor, ICLEI First Vice President & University of Melbourne Senior Enterprise Fellow says from growing vertical gardens to planting trees and creating pocket parks, many of our laneways have enormous potential to become the city’s backyard.

Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019

We know you’ll enjoy these inspirational videos addressing Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019 and more!

Stay safe,

Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher & Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits Host

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Living Walls at the #VirtualSummit2019


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